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PalletsWooden platforms used for storing and shipping bundles of shingles.

PitchThe degree of roof incline expressed as the ratio of the rise, in feet, to the span, in feet.

PlyThe number of layers of roofing (e.g. one-ply, two-ply, etc.).

Quick-Setting CementAn asphalt-based cement used to adhere tabs of strip shingles to the course below. Also used to adhere roll roofing laps applied by the concealed nail method.

RackingRoofing application method in which shingle courses are applied vertically up the roof rather than across and up. Not a recommended procedure.

RafterThe supporting framing member immediately beneath the deck, sloping from the ridge to the wall plate.

RakeThe inclined edge of a sloped roof over a wall from the eave to the ridge.

Random-Tab ShinglesShingles on which tabs vary in size and exposure.

Release Film or TapeA plastic or paper strip that is applied to the back of self-sealing shingles. This strip prevents the shingles from sticking together in the bundles and needs to be removed for application.

RidgeThe uppermost, horizontal external angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

Ridge ShinglesShingles used to cover the horizontal external angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

Ridge VentA vent directly beneath the ridge shingles, in which the ridge shingles are slightly raised in order to allow air to escape from the uppermost portion of the roof.

Rigid VentHard plastic ridge vent material.

RiseThe vertical distance from the eaves line to the ridge.

Roll RoofingAsphalt roofing products manufactured in roll form.

Roof LouversRooftop rectangular shaped roof vents. Also called box vents, mushroom vents, airhawks, soldier vents.

Roof PlaneA roofing area defined by having four separate edges. One side of a gable, hip, or mansard roof.

Roofing CementA compound used to seal flashings, seal down shingles and for other small waterproofing jobs. Where cement is required for sealing down shingles, use a dab about the size of a quarter unless otherwise specified.

Roofing TapeAn asphalt-saturated tape used with asphalt cements for flashing and patching asphalt roofing.

RunThe horizontal distance from the eaves to a point directly under the ridge. One half the span.


A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-L   M-O   P-R   S   T-W

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