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Mansard RoofA type of roof containing two sloping planes of different pitch on each of four sides. The lower plane has a much steeper pitch than the upper, often approaching vertical. Includes no gables.

Masonry PrimerAn asphalt-based primer used to prepare masonry surfaces for bonding with other asphalt products.

MatsThe general term for the base material of shingles and certain rolled products.

Mineral StabilizersFinely ground limestone, slate, taprock, or other inert materials added to asphalt coatings for durability and increased resistance to fire and weathering.

Mineral-Surfaced RoofingAsphalt shingles and roll roofing that are covered with granules.

Modified BitumenRolled roofing membrane with polymer modified asphalt and either polyester or fiberglass reinforcement.

MoppingThe application of hot bitumen, with a roofer’s hand mop or mechanical applicator, to the substrate or to the felts of a bituminous membrane.

MortarMixture of sand, mortar, limestone, and water used in bonding a chimney’s bricks together.

Nail Guide LinePainted line on laminated shingles, to aid in the proper placement of fasteners.

Nail PopWhen a nail is not fully driven, it sits up off the roof deck.

Natural VentilationA ventilation system utilizing ventilators installed in openings in the attic and properly positioned to take advantage of natural air flow to draw hot summer or moist winter air out and replace it with fresh outside air.

NestingA method of reroofing with new asphalt shingles over old shingles in which the top edge of the new shingle is butted against the bottom edge of the existing shingle tab. While this method does offer more coverage, it is not recommended by Argive Roofing because it is less secure against wind and wear, and will not last as long as a roof secured to the decking or bottom substrate.

Net Free Vent Area (NFVA)Area unobstructed by screens, louvers, or other materials.

No Cut-Out Shingles: Shingles consisting of a single, solid tab with no cutouts.

Non-Veneer PanelAny wood-based panel that does not contain veneer and carries an APA span rating, such as wafer board or oriented strand board.

Normal Slope ApplicationMethod of installing asphalt shingles on roof slopes between 4 inches and 21 inches per foot.

NRCAThe National Roofing Contractors Association. Respected national organization of roofing contractors.

Open ValleyMethod of valley construction in which shingles on both sides of the valley are trimmed along a chalk line snapped on each side of the valley. Shingles do not extend across the valley. Valley flashing is exposed.

Organic FeltAn asphalt roofing base material manufactured from cellulose fibers.

Organic Mat: Material made from recycled wood pulp and paper.

Organic ShinglesShingles made from organic (paper) mats.

OSBOriented Strand Board. A decking made from wood chips and lamination glues.

OverdrivenThe term used for fasteners driven through roofing materials with too much force, breaking the material.

OverexposedInstalling shingle courses higher than their intended exposure.

OverhangThat portion of the roof structure that extends beyond the exterior walls of a building.


A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-L   M-O   P-R   S   T-W


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