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Ice DamCondition formed at the lower roof edge by the thawing and refreezing of melted snow on the overhang. Can force water up and under shingles, causing leaks.

Interlocking ShinglesIndividual shingles that mechanically fasten to each other to provide wind resistance.

JoistAny of the small timbers, metal or wood beams arranged parallel from wall to wall to support a floor, ceiling, or roof of a building.

“L” FlashingContinuous metal flashing consisting of several feet of metal. Used at horizontal walls, bent to resemble an “L”.

Laminated ShinglesStrip shingles containing more than one layer of tabs to create extra thickness. Also called dimensional or architectural shingles.

LapTo cover the surface of one shingle or roll with another.

Lap CementAn asphalt-based cement used to adhere overlapping plies of roll roofing.

LouverA slanted opening for ventilation.

Low-Slope Application: Method of installing asphalt shingles on roof slopes between two and four inches per foot.

Low SlopesRoof pitches less than 4:12 are considered low sloped roofs. Special installation practices must be used on roofs sloped 2:12 – 4:12. Shingles cannot be installed at slopes less than 2:12.


A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-L   M-O   P-R   S   T-W


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