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Gil is our Chief Executive Officer, and a co-owner of Argive Roofing.


If you had to pick one virtue to represent you — or that you identify with — what would it be and why?
Authenticity. Integrating the good, the bad, and the ugly in my life. It breeds compassion, non-judgment, and grace in me because I understand what it means to both soar and face-plant.

Describe your most embarrassing past work experience.
My first job was at a Burger Queen (yep, they existed) in the 1-stoplight town of Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Other than BQ breaking all the child labor laws to allow me to work there, I was a horrible employee. It took me forever to do the dishes, get orders right, and make the burgers. I mean come on, it was too fun talking to customers and getting locked in the freezer with a cute coworker! I was ADD before being ADD was cool, so when I got fired I felt like Andy DuFrane after escaping Shawshank Prison. Pouring rain, head and hands raised to the heavens. All of it.

What do you like best about working with Argive Roofing?
Our team. They get it. A bunch of young men and women who have personal goals and dreams far above their vocation. They work really long hours coming alongside great customers who also have goals and dreams. The Argive team makes sure our vision and values are aligned so that everybody’s dreams can come true, both employee and client. The best part is all of our staff wants to kick a huge dent in the world while leaving legacies for generations to come. You don’t find that very often, and we have it. It’s powerful to be in a room with these folks.

Describe your ideal Saturday (aside from working with Argive, obviously).
I have 4 kids, so the best is when they all pile into my room early and we roughhouse. Then somebody brings up breakfast at IHOP or Cracker Barrel and we race to get some biscuits and gravy and strawberry pancakes. Then back home to put on college football and take our German Shepherd puppy Jazz for a walk. And usually there are high school baseball games and recitals and girls’ basketball games to attend. And then, maybe a movie night, or old Criminal Minds, or CSI re-runs. Saturdays are awesome.

You’re having a dinner party with five people from history. Who do you invite?
My mom. To cook and be the best and kindest hostess ever. No brainer.
Jesus. Just the most central person in world history. I think that’s a value add.
O.J. Simpson. Just kidding.
Louis C.K. Gotta have laughter at a dinner party. And lots of it.
Shakespeare. Because the more wine he drinks, the more likely it is he may just pop out another Hamlet on the spot, and we would have enough people for a play. Yahtzee.
Friedrich Nietzsche. He’s the German existentialist who declared “God is dead.” With Jesus at the table, this is a dinner that could go on for DAYS.

Describe your ideal roof to be on.
Low-pitch and air-conditioned. And with a big screen and Bose speakers with a vendor selling pizza and hot dogs up there.

What superpower would you choose to make yourself the Supreme Roofer?
Man of Steel, of course. Hanging with the geeks like Lois Lane during the day, writing books and quoting the Dead Poets, and then BAM! Roof needed now? Hand me my cape.

If you had to live in another time period other than your own, which would you choose and why?
The Renaissance leading to the Enlightenment. 15th and early 16th century. I’d be getting my Glee on. It was a rebirth of artistic, cultural, and intellectual thought and production. So many great contributions were made to music, astronomy, painting, architecture, poetry, drama, and philosophy. Can you imagine hanging out with Gutenberg, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Niccolo Machiavelli? Well, now you do.

Your marketing director invites you to play an Argive Roofing Dungeons & Dragons session. How do you respond?
Marginally. I had people in high school who played Dungeons & Dragons. They had a Character Sheet and a d20…and no friends.

A mad scientist captures you and injects you with a serum that transforms you into an animal. What animal do you turn into and how do you respond?
Sasquatch meets Lochness. I can’t tell you how I would react because then my existence wouldn’t remain a mystery, now would it?

Miley Cyrus contacts you and requests a roofing inspection. How do you respond?
“Hey, Ms. Cyrus, your roof is totaled so let’s get you a shield. And while we’re at it, could you go back to the person who sang ‘Party in the USA’ and not the debacle your PR/Marketing Department made you out to be this past year?”

The entire Argive Roofing team is placed in the Hunger Games. Who survives and why?
No brainer. Krystal Walrath. For starters, her last name comes from ancient Greek etymology meaning “Wall of Wrath” (I pulled that out of my…). That coupled with her metabolism (which runs at the speed of an F-14) and a complex emotional grid leaves her with a killer instinct second to none. I mean, she houses, 4 cats, 3 huge dogs, and 3 snakes — one of which is a reticulated python. And that’s just for her amusement. Yeah, the day of the Hunger Games I think I’ll be home watching Netflix.


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