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Dustin is our Chief Operating Officer, and generally gets things done.


If you had to pick one virtue to represent you — or that you identify with most — what would it be and why?
After seeking the assistance of Google for a list of virtues, I’d say patience or trust. I’m very patient, possibly to a fault sometimes, and I don’t usually have a hard time trusting someone or something. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt even if I’ve been burned by them before.

Describe your most embarrassing past work experience.
I’m honestly not sure anyone knows my most embarrassing work moment. And we’re gonna keep it that way. So instead I’ll give you all the runner-up moments, most of which came from 6+ years in the restaurant industry. Like the time I dropped a dirty knife in a lady’s wine glass. Or spilled Dr. Pepper on a girl in her prom dress (it was just a little bit…). Or when my manager came to me asking what I did to table 61 because they clearly didn’t like me. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. If you’re out there, sir, I’m sorry I forgot your side of ranch…twice. One painfully embarrassing moment came when I ran full speed into a cook carrying a boiling pot of pasta water. My arm was blistered and discolored for weeks! The worst hit to my pride probably came when I had to ask another server to help open a twist-off bottle of wine for a table. Of course he made it look like it was nothing. I’ve also left more awkward voicemails than I could count. Something about talking to a machine… Oh yeah, and there was the time I tried to fit my butt into pants I hadn’t worn in probably 6 years and were a good 2 sizes too small. Ripped the back within five minutes and had to wear them for a good 5 hours. Good times!

What do you like best about working for Argive Roofing?
The people. The level of integrity. The amount of love. The fact that we get stuff done!

Describe your ideal Saturday (aside from working with Argive, obviously).
Time outdoors with awesome people. Maybe a little flag football or LOTR TCG game. More food than I know what to do with and a couple cold beers!

You’re having a dinner party with five people from history. Who do you invite?
Maximus Decimus Maridius
King Leonidas (Are we sensing a theme…?)
King David

Describe your ideal roof to be on.
Anything 4/12 or under.

What superpower would you choose to make yourself the Supreme Roofer?
HULK SMASH…maybe I wouldn’t be a supreme roofer, but I’d definitely do my part (roofs have to get totaled somehow! 😉 ).

If you had to live in another time period other than your own, which would you choose and why?
Late 1400s. Wouldn’t necessarily want to live during that time, but would love an opportunity to see an uncolonized North America.

Your marketing director invites you to play an Argive Roofing Dungeons & Dragons session. How do you respond?
Dibs on the Barbarian role! How quickly can we fill out a character sheet?

A mad scientist captures you and injects you with a serum that transforms you into an animal. What animal do you turn into and how do you respond?
I turn into a Kestrel and I immediately look to take revenge!

Miley Cyrus contacts you and requests a roofing inspection. How do you respond?
I take a “wrecking ball” to her “roof” (figuratively) and then inform her no one from our team will be inspecting anything of hers.

The entire Argive Roofing team is placed in the Hunger Games. Who survives and why?
Tyler. Raging Judge, ’nuff said.


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