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Brody is a Project Manager and canvasser.


If you had to pick one virtue to represent you — or that you identify with most — what would it be and why?
Ambition, because at a young age most people don’t know exactly what they want or they don’t have the means to get there. Being 18, I understand the opportunity that has been presented to me and I have the desire to take full advantage of that.

Describe your most embarrassing past work experience.
Bussing tables in front of a packed restaurant and managing to somehow drop 20 water glasses at once…

What do you like best about working with Argive Roofing?
The quality of people I get to be around every day and work with, because I know what it’s like to have coworkers with bad attitudes and it makes a huge difference in the environment.

Describe your ideal Saturday (aside from working with Argive, obviously).
During the warmer months, I enjoy playing baseball on Saturdays, followed by hanging with friends for the afternoon before we all go to a barbecue.

You’re having a dinner party with five people from history. Who do you invite?
Ricky Bobby, because you definitely need some NASCAR comedic relief. Robert Downey, Jr., as his character in Iron Man is fantastic but his ability to overcome past addictions and achieve the success he’s had is incredible. Michael Jordan, as his story is one of the most told ever. Steve Jobs, one of the most creative minds of our generation. And finally, John Wooden, as his values as possibly the greatest coach in history and one of the best “people persons” out there make him hard to discount.

Describe your ideal roof to be on.
One that can be totaled and repaired with ease. And maybe a grill for some burgers.

What superpower would you choose to make yourself the Supreme Roofer?
The power of Flight, so no matter when or where, I’ll be there to inspect your roof.

If you had to live in another time period other than your own, which would you choose and why?
The 1920s, as they were referred to as the “Roarin’ Twenties” for a reason, and the movie The Great Gatsby led to more fascination with that time period. (Plus FDR was a pretty dang good president.)

Your marketing director invites you to play an Argive Roofing Dungeons & Dragons session. How do you respond?
Uh…despite what I’ve heard about it being an awesome nerd game, I’ll stick to my Minecraft…no thanks.

A mad scientist captures you and injects you with a serum that transforms you into an animal. What animal do you turn into and how do you respond?
A peregrine falcon, and probably well, seeing as birds stay where it’s warm all the time…(and they can fly…)

Miley Cyrus contacts you and requests a roofing inspection. How do you respond?
“Well, Ms. Cyrus, I’ll definitely get you a roof, but I’ll have to get a 200-foot restraining order first.”

The entire Argive Roofing team is placed in the Hunger Games. Who survives and why?
Brady…while he has crazy hand-to-hand combat abilities, I don’t think he’d actually kill anyone, preferring to be smart enough to hide and let nature kill off the rest.


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